OEM Manufacturing

We put our computer manufacturing expertise to work for you.  We have the capacity to do everything from rebranding our standard computer and storage solutions, to taking your custom product designs from BOM sourcing and assembly to fulfillment and end user support.  We can work with your engineers to refine the product design to streamline production and reduce waste.  We design custom OEM or retail packaging materials to make your finished product world-class presentable.

Personalized Hardware Branding

We have a full product line designed for various applications to which we can apply VAR branding to make our hardware your product.  We can work with your engineers to benchmark hardware with the intended applications to derive purpose-built solutions specifically for use in your environment.  We can load customized operating systems and software applications for a turn-key, out of box experience for end users.

Custom Design Implementation

If you have a design that you'd like to supply to us, we can work with you on creating a BOM and we can assemble, fulfill, and support your customized products.  We have many ways of VAR branding products such as:  

  • Laser etching
  • Solvent printed components
  • 3D printed components
  • Chassis printing
  • Graphical surface wraps

Packaging, Fulfillment, and Support

We can custom design carrier certified, commercial or retail branded packaging and shipping materials engineered with style and protection in mind.  We can handle your fulfillment needs by warehousing product stock and can dropship globally to individual end users, on demand.  We can support your service team (3rd party) or support the end user directly (1st person) on your behalf. We provide a wide array of flexible support options that can be taylored so that your end user customers enjoy the same level of world class support we provide our direct users.